How Secure is My Password?

Do You Know How Secure Your Password is? Test the Strength of Your Password Here

Is your password secure? Enter your current password below to know how strong/secure it is.

By entering your password above, you will be able to answer the following helpful questions:

  • How long does it take to hack your new password?
  • What is the length of your new password?
  • Is your password one of the most commonly used?

Other Password Strength Resources

If you want to see the strength of your password on other websites or compare it against our results, we recommend the following websites:

Two-Factor Authentication

You’ve probably heard a lot about two-factor authentication (2FA) lately. We recommend the following guide to help understand the process further:

Learn More About Cyber Security and Password Safety

Take a look at our Cyber Security Password Safety product. This product aims to positively change the behaviours of your employees so that they understand:

  1. Why passwords are important.
  2. How to create a strong password.
  3. How to protect their password.

A bottle labeled Cyber Security Password Safety

Product Features:

  1. Connects to Active Directory, so your users do not need a separate login.
  2. Incorporates our Sticky Learning ® into the design, which means we want to achieve real behavioural change.
  3. 8 languages – More can be added. Please ask.
  4. Content designed by a UK Government’s cybersecurity consultant.
  5. 7 types of e-learning interactivity to keep your Learners engaged throughout.
  6. Gamification, where the Learner can collect gold stars.
  7. Downloadable certificate, if the Learner passes.
  8. Assessment of 10 questions, chosen at random from a bank of 25 questions.
  9. Pass/fail set at 80% to encourage Learners to strive for change.
  10. Downloadable ‘Cheat Sheet’, if the Learner passes.
  11. Line Manager informed that the Learner is beginning the training and the Learner’s outcome.
  12. ‘Time to crack’ shown so that the Learner can see how long to crack their current password, and after the training.
  13. Learner dashboard, so that each Learner can view their results and download their certificate if they have lost it.
  14. Knowledge Vault included for further self-learning by the Learner.

If you want to learn more about password security, take a closer look at our online Cyber Security Password Safety and Cyber Security Phishing-Ransomware courses. Also, don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel and our award-winning blog to see more helpful tips and articles.

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