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Test the Strength of Your Password

Enter your current password below to know how strong/secure is your current password.

How long does it take to hack your new password?
What is the length of your new password?
Is your password one of the most commonly used?

If you want to see the strength of your password on other websites we recommend these websites:

  • https://howsecureismypassword.net
  • https://lastpass.com/howsecure.php
  • https://www.roboform.com/how-strong-is-your-password

Then, take a look at our Password Safety product.

Darren A. Smith

About Darren A. Smith

Darren has been working in the world of UK Supermarkets and Suppliers for over 20 years. He began his career as a buyer at one of the big 4 UK supermarkets and after rising through the ranks he decided to leave after 13 years and set-up Making Business Matter. This was because he wanted to help suppliers and supermarkets to work better together through improved soft skills.For the last 14 years he has run MBM, which is a training provider to the UK grocery industry. Helping suppliers to the big four supermarkets to develop the soft skills that will secure them more profitable wins.

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