The GSCOP Aware Association



The GSCOP Aware Association has been formed with one mission:

To be the mark for Suppliers to demonstrate that they are


The Purpose of the GSCOP Aware Association

The purpose is to promote collaboration between Suppliers and Supermarkets because the best way to use the Code is not to use the Code. Moreover, the best way to make that happen is for a Supplier to be able to easily demonstrate to a Supermarket that they ‘know the rules’ and will be encouraging both sides to play by them. You can only use the logo on the right in your presentations once you have joined and passed the assessment, see below.

Why You Should Join the GSCOP Aware Association

As Sellers you’ll be familiar with the FBI metaphor of selling; Feature, Benefit and Incentive. Here is FBI for the GSCOP Aware Association:

  • Feature – A mark for you to use as a member.
  • Benefit – You can demonstrate that you are GSCOP Aware.
  • Incentive – By demonstrating that you are aware Supermarkets are more inclined to ‘play by the rules’.

To join the GSCOP Aware Association please complete a few details at the end of this page.

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How to Join the GSCOP Aware Association

For a limited time joining will be free and requires the applicant to complete an online short application and to pass an online GSCOP assessment. The pass mark for the assessment is 90% and you will not be allowed to join if your score is less. We envisage that two-thirds will fail the assessment. You can re-apply after 1 month has passed.

To apply please enter a few details here and we will get back to you.