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Get Their Attention – comes from the Free Guide – ‘Are You Annoyed by How Little Line Managers Support the Skills Training of Their Teams?’

There are many reasons why Line Managers are not engaging with their Learners. For example, they may have a Director’s request, a lot of work to do or their own development to deal with. However, when anyone says that they are ‘busy’, it really means that they are having a ‘busy nap’ from what you need them to do.

If your request is not a priority, it is because the Line Manager believes that it doesn’t solve a problem for him or her, that it doesn’t help them deliver their priorities, and/or it doesn’t help them to achieve their KPI’s and KRA’s.

b.u.s.y. n.a.p because u see you're not a priority

b.u.s.y. n.a.p


You may never really convince the Line Manager that engaging with their Learners throughout their training journey is a priority. However, you have to at least make a case. If you are unsuccessful in your efforts, then make it as easy as you can for them to do something, or anything, to engage. You can also share with them through the ‘open and direct approach’. The conversation may go something like this:

To Line Manager:   ‘This is not a priority for you, is it?’

Response:                 ‘No.’

To Line Manager:   ‘I understand. You have a lot on your plate. I still need to achieve my objective. What can you                                             please do to help?’.

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