Not Working Hard to Gain Trust with Your Buyer

The Mistake of Not Working Hard to Gain Trust With Your Buyer

Trust is the all-important ‘door opener’, the thing that ‘enables things to get done’, and the key to unlocking business from one person to another. Trust is that grey area which we can neither touch nor discuss, but we know when we trust someone and when we do not. And then we’ll do more for the former and next to nothing for the latter.

Trust can now be understood better than ever before. There is a trust formula. A formula of 4 elements that helps us to understand why we choose to trust one person and not another.

The 4 elements of the trust model are:

  • Credibility: He knows his stuff.
  • Reliability: He always delivers on time.
  • Intimacy: We know a bit about each other.
  • Self-Orientation: I talk a lot about myself.

Think about someone who you don’t trust – I bet you can identify one element from the trust equation that they fail to deliver.

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Trusting your team is one of the key people management skills

Not Working Hard to Gain Trust with Your Buyer

If your Buyer doesn’t trust you the consequences are huge. Your promotional plan will not be accepted. New products will not be liked. Category recommendations will be prioritised lower than another supplier. And so on.

How to Avoid Not Working Hard

Understand the trust formula. Identify which element/s are where you and your team are weakest- People Management. Then progress to fix them. For examples:

  • Credibility: If it’s the shopper you keep getting caught-out on, research.
  • Reliability: If you don’t deliver on what you said you would, do.
  • Intimacy: If you know nothing about the Buyer, research and ask.
  • Self-Orientation: If you always talk about you, don’t.

The above proven, simple, and effective solution to gain trust with your buyer is No.2 in the Free Guide that you can download.

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