Free Training Effectiveness Review

30 minutes by phone.

Identify how your business is performing on training in 3 areas:

  • How much Learners use of what they have learnt.
  • Do Line Manager support their Learners during learning.
  • How far the training is evaluated.

For further information on our full Training Needs Analysis and how to identify the training that your team needs to achieve their KPI’s please see below:

Find out about Training Needs Analysis:

You know that your team performs ok, but you also know that if they were to improve some of their skills, they could achieve even more. You just don’t know where to start. A training Needs Analysis is the answer.

The objective of the Training Needs Analysis is to identify the needs of your people. By understanding the gaps in the performance of your people versus the KPIs & objectives of the business, we can begin working together to close those gaps and improve performance.

Three Parts of a Training Needs Analysis

There are 3 parts to achieving a successful Training Needs Analysis, sometimes called a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA): Stakeholder Meeting, One-to-One Interviews, and an Online Survey.

Training Needs Analysis

Stakeholder Meeting

The objectives of the Stakeholder meeting are to understand the expectations of the leadership team for their business & their people, and to put in place a framework to conduct the Training Needs Analysis without affecting business as usual. The items to be discussed in the 2 hour Stakeholder Meeting are:

  • Scope
  • Benchmark skill capability
  • Background investigation
  • Business Plan
  • Values
  • Performance
  • Culture

The output of the Stakeholder Meetings is an understanding of the company’s goals, the expectations of the leadership from their people and an approach to achieve parts 2 and 3.

Giving a Presentation with a Flipchart

One-to-One Interviews

The objective of the 121 Interviews is to gain a deeper understanding of your business through speaking with a cross-section of your people. This normally takes 1 week to complete, from a day of interviews to write-up. The items that will be covered in the interview are:

  • Current challenges at work and with skills using our competency frameworks.
  • What would help you perform better?
  • Strength and weaknesses.
  • Describe the culture.
  • Ensuring we cover different teams, grades and locations.
  • Previous training.
  • Feelings towards training.

The output is a breadth of understanding of the business, general development needs and attitudes towards a people development programme.

The Grocer, Zoom Doom

Online Survey

The objective of the Online Survey is to gain a collective understanding across the business of general and specific development needs. The survey will be sent to every individual within scope. The survey will take no more than 15 minutes to complete and respondees will have the option to remain anonymous. This normally takes 1 week to complete, from request to completion by respondees and then summarising. The output is a comprehensive understanding of individual development requirements.

Training Needs Analysis Graph

Identify How Your Team can Improve to Become the Best Supplier

Each Training Needs Analysis is carried out with no obligation by the client to purchase the recommendations. The TNA requires an investment of £750+vat and is limited to 3 Training Needs Analysis per year for MBM due to the costs involved for SMEs.

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