Free Supermarket Relationship Assessment

Our free supermarket relationship assessment has been designed, to help you identify, how well you and your business is performing.

On training in 3 core areas:

  • Your team’s skills in Category Management, Negotiating, and Time Management.
  • How much the supermarket buyer trusts you and your team, to help improve your day-to-day dealings.
  • Your approach to Joint Business Planning with your retail partner.

In a 30-minute phone call, using our scorecards and tools. We will help you identify where your supermarket relationship is, and where you would like it to be. To find out more, please complete this form and we will be in contact.To find out more above these three core skills please visit the following pages, which contain extensive guides on  Category ManagementNegotiation Skills, and Time Management.

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Guides designed with ‘you’ in mind


In each one, you will find a comprehensive overview and detailed discussion of a particular soft skill. Furthermore, you will find useful definitions and relevant tools and frameworks that can help your business.

Also, you may be interested in understanding what great looks like by using our Competency Frameworks, all of which are available to download. These tools help you to understand the skills, knowledge, and behaviours that lead to successful job completion. They can be task-oriented or skill-focused. They are a measure of personal skills or attributes of an employee, a required behaviour within a job role. These skills are defined skills that employees need to demonstrate in order to be able to efficiently do their job.

The more competent you are able to demonstrate yourself to be, usually correlate with your suitability for leadership roles in that competency. It is a useful guide to correlating those that are likely to be able to instil leadership values on others, in the area in which they are scoring highly.

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