Are You a Great People Manager?

Use these 7 self assessment questions to find out


#1. Do you give feedback to your team regularly using a tried & tested feedback tool? E.g. boost or SBI.

By not giving your team structured feedback regularly you will not be helping them to improve and probably find that you are doing most things yourself.

#2. Do you set S.M.A.R.T. targets for your reports and review them regularly with them?

By not agreeing to SMART targets with your team and reviewing those targets, your team could be ‘busy fools’ working on tasks that do not contribute to the targets.

#3. Do you have difficult conversations with reports that are not achieving their SMART targets?

By avoiding having difficult conversations with your team about performance you will allow targets to be missed, and those that are achieving will begin to resent you.

#4. Do you coach your reports to improve their performance using a tried & tested model? E.g. Oskar or GROW

By not coaching your team you will always be telling them which takes a lot of your time. Coaching enables them to improve for that task and future similar tasks.

#5. Do you delegate tasks effectively to your reports using a tried & tested model? E.g. Situational leadership

By not delegating effectively to your team you will find that tasks are being completed more than once, badly, or not at all.

#6. Do you know what motivates each of your reports and do you motivate them?

By not knowing what motivates each of your team, and not motivating them your team will become despondent and unwilling to ‘go the extra mile’.

#7. Do you change your style of people management according to your different reports?

By not changing your people management style you will not be getting the most from each person.

#8. Do you positively influence a large network of people?

By not influencing a lot of people you will not gain support for when you do need to influence individuals, because your reputation will have a limited reach.