Big Four UK Supermarkets Industry Information

UK Supermarkets Industry Information

Key Financial Dates

Add the big four supermarket key financial dates to you calendar using our handy ‘add to calendar’ feature because you need to know when Morrison’s announce their half year results or when is Sainsbury’s full year results announced? Having this information keeps you up to day and relevant.

Key Links for Suppliers

Our research has identified the key links for the big four UK supermarkets. It is a one stop shop for relevant and useful information.

Download the logos of the big four UK supermarkets

Simply go to this website and download any brand’s logo. We all like a logo in our presenations, just don’t over use them!

UK Grocery Industry

Key Awards

An exhaustive list of the key awards in the UK Grocery Industry because winning one could just get you noticed by the supermarkets or provide that little more credibility that you were looking for.

Key Links for Suppliers

A list of the key websites in the UK Grocery Industry. If you use a website that you would like your colleagues in the Grocery Industry to also be aware of, please let us know by contacting us.

Market Share

Kantar Live Market Share Information. The Grocery Market Share data is derived from Kantar Worldpanel research covering the household grocery purchasing habits of 30,000 demographically representative households in Great Britain. All data is based on the value of items being purchased by these consumers.

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