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We know you’ll love them!

Sticky Learning ® Lunches have been designed to particularly help people working from home. Many people now work from home. They find it more productive, though can feel isolated, and also want to be the best version of themselves.

The latter part is where we can support you – To be the very best version of you. If you are feeling isolated this article on cabin fever will help. There are also 7 best practices for working from home, using the mnemonic of M.I.N.D.S.E.T.

How to work effectively form home

What to Expect from Your Virtual Classroom

The topic of your Virtual Classroom will have been on your registration. You will be joining many other attendees. The tutor will appear in front of a whiteboard. And he/she will share their experience and expertise on the given topic for about 20 minutes. During this time, they’ll ask you questions, which can be answered in the chatbox. After 20 minutes the tutor/s will invite questions for 10-minutes, which can be posed using the chatbox.

Getting the Most from Your Virtual Classroom

At MBM we are all about making it stick. As the saying goes, ‘Information without application, is just entertainment’! And whilst we’d like to entertain, it is more important to us that you use what you have learnt.

Your tutor will encourage you to capture notes. To support your retention please download our ‘Keepers ®’. Just click on the image and print a copy. It is a simple, but effective page where you can write the pieces you want to take-away, to action straight after.

Have fun in your Sticky Learning Lunch!

Keepers Image

P.S. You are Here Because You Want to Be the Very Best Version of You

We understand that you do and we want to help. Sticky Learning ® Lunches will take you so far. Our Virtual Classroom training will take you even further. Check them out here at ‘Virtual Classroom training‘.

For further soft skills tips and information, you can take a look at our Ultimate Guides. Each one is dedicated to a specific soft skill. Also, check out our YouTube Channel and our award-winning blog to see more Learning & Development Tips.