booker tesco merger

If you are not prepared for this merger you could lose a lot of money.

This 30-minute free webinar will be run by Andrew Grant. An ex-Tesco Category Director who is no stranger to supermarket/supplier negotiations.

You can expect to understand how to prepare for the inevitable call from Tesco/Booker about terms. By knowing the right questions to ask, negotiating internally beforehand, & creating a negotiating plan, you can save yourself and your business a lot of money.

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“I found the webinar both insightful and thought-provoking. Working on the retail side of our business I hadn’t really thought about the implications for Food Service suppliers but clearly, Tesco will look to make in-roads and in so doing will offer up opportunities for some suppliers.”
Jim Ferguson. Business Account Controller (Baking). Dr. Oetker (UK) Ltd.