e-learning cyber security password management

Product Features Included

  1. Connects to Active Directory.
  2. Incorporates our Sticky Learning ® into the design.
  3. 8 languages – More can be added. Please ask.
  4. Partly designed by the UK Government’s cyber security consultant.
  5. 7 types of e learning interactivity.
  6. Gamification, where the Learner can collect gold stars.
  7. Downloadable certificate, if the Learner passes.
  8. Assessment of 10 questions, chosen at random from a bank of 25 questions.
  9. Pass/fail set at 80%.
  10. Downloadable ‘Cheat Sheet’ if the Learner passes.
  11. Line Manager informed that the Learner is beginning the training and the Learner’s outcome.
  12. ‘Time to crack’ shown so that the Learner can see how long to crack their current passsword, and after the training.
  13. Learner dashboard, so that each Learner can view their results and download their certificate if they have lost it.
  14. Knowledge Vault included for further self learning by the Learner.

IT Manager Dashboard

We have designed a portal for IT Managers that enables you to see whta is happening with your Learners. The dashboard includes:

  • Choose any time period; last week, last month, time to date, etc.
  • Create a leaderboard to create competition between departments, sites, or countries.
  • Know how many of your Learners passed/failed, how long they took to complete the training, and which assessment questions they failed to answer.
  • The ability to drill down to each Learner to view their history of passes/fails, and download their certificate.
  • Feedback – See the feedback each Learner has left, so that you can put forward product developments to us.

Marketing Support in Your Business Included

  • A short animated video showing why password safety is important.
  • Life size cut-out of Cyril the Cyber Security Crusader, to use in your foyer.
  • Posters, ‘Have you met Cyril?’, to place around your office.