Cyber Security Password Safety e learning Online Training Course

For Companies with Over 200 Employees

Cyber Security Is a Growing Problem…

…and as an IT Director/Manager you will know that whilst you can make your system strong, people are the biggest risk when it comes to password safety. In fact, the potential financial implications of poor password habits could be endless, as one unlucky NFL player discovered just minutes before the lucrative 2016 draft.

This product aims to positively change the behaviours of your employees so that they understand 1. Why passwords are important, 2. How to create a strong password, and 3. How to protect their password.

So, let’s find out how the product works. You can jump to the sections with the links below:

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  2. 14 Product Features Included in the e-learning Cyber Security Product
  3. IT Manager Dashboard
  4. Marketing Support for Your Business Included
  5. Use Our Buy More for Less Scheme
  6. Pricing for This Product
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Screenshots of the Password Safety Product

One of the explanations as to why it’s important to keep your password safe:

Techniques for creating strong passwords:

A video with a question to ensure that the Learner stays engaged:

USP’s of This Product Vs Our Competition

  • Our unique training method Sticky Learning ® aims for real behavioural change, not just ticking the training box.
  • 3 Design days are included, so you can choose additional features that are unique for your business.
  • Mobile responsive, so the training can be run from any device.

14 Product Features Included in the e-Learning Cyber Security Product

    1. Connects to Active Directory, so your Users do not need a separate login.
    2. Incorporates our Sticky Learning ® into the design, which means we want to achieve real behavioural change.
    3. 8 languages – More can be added. Please ask.
    4. Content designed by a UK Government’s cybersecurity consultant.
    5. 7 types of e-learning interactivity to keep your Learners engaged throughout.
    6. Gamification, where the Learner can collect gold stars.
    7. Downloadable certificate, if the Learner passes.
    8. Assessment of 10 questions, chosen at random from a bank of 25 questions.
    9. Pass/fail set at 80% to encourage Learners to strive for change.
    10. Downloadable ‘Cheat Sheet’, if the Learner passes.
    11. Line Manager informed that the Learner is beginning the training and the Learner’s outcome.
    12. ‘Time to crack’ shown so that the Learner can see how long to crack their current password, and after the training.
    13. Learner dashboard, so that each Learner can view their results and download their certificate if they have lost it.
    14. Knowledge Vault included for further self-learning by the Learner.

An example of the Learner dashboard, see feature 13 above:

IT Manager Dashboard

We have designed a portal for IT Managers that enables you to see what is happening with your Learners. The dashboard includes:

  • Choose any time period; last week, last month, time to date, etc.
  • Create a leaderboard to create competition between departments, sites, or countries.
  • Know how many of your Learners passed/failed, how long they took to complete the training, and which assessment questions they failed to answer.
  • The ability to drill down to each Learner to view their history of passes/fails, and download their certificate.
  • Feedback – See the feedback each Learner has left, so that you can put forward product developments to us.

Marketing Support for Your Business Included

The marketing is based on the employee being the weakest link (the red link) in the security chain. Cyril the Cyber Crusader keeps appearing to ask them to meet them, to do their training so that they are not the weakest link.

  • short animated video showing why password safety is important.
  • Lifesize cut-out of Cyril the Cyber Security Crusader, to use in your foyer.
  • Posters, ‘Have you met Cyril?’, to place around your office.
cybersecurity infographic by mbm discusses data breach costs and how to train your organisation to prevent these.

Use Our Buy More for Less Scheme

Take advantage of our ‘Buy More for Less’ scheme with the following options:

  • Refer us to another company, and you receive 10% of the sales value back to you.
  • For every additional e-learning product bought within 3 months of the first product, at the same level of employees, gets you a 7.5% discount.
  • A comprehensive testimonial from your IT Director, that we can use everywhere, gets you a £500 discount.
  • A permanent and followed link on your website, back to us, gets you a £500 discount.

Pricing for This Product

For companies with over 200 employees the costs are:

  • For 1 Cyber Security product, e.g. Password Safety, the cost is £6.25 per person per year.
  • For 2 Cyber Security products, e.g. Password Safety and Internet Safety, the cost is £11.56 per person per year. Which is £5.78 per product per person per year. A 7.5% discount.
  • For 3 Cyber Security products, e.g. Password Safety, Internet Safety, and Phishing/Ransomware, the cost is £15.94 per person per year. Which is £5.31 per person per year. A 15% discount.

Questions About This Product?

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