You Don’t Need Absolute Answers

You Don’t Need Absolute Answers – comes from the Free Guide – Are You Struggling To Demonstrate The Return On Investment You Get From Your Training Providers?

Yes, you don’t need absolute answers. One of the main challenges of evaluating training is that it is impossible to evaluate the training to a very definitive answer. We have to move away from absolutes and accept ‘directional’ results. Then the challenge beyond accepting directional results ourselves, is persuading the stakeholders that absolutes cannot be identified.
This is where the case for ‘Bands of Achievement’ comes to focus. Bands need to be identified before the learning event starts. For example, ‘Over 65% of Learners are to have achieved one change in behaviour, in-line with the learning objective, three months after the learning event’. The evaluation would then ask specific questions to test whether this has been achieved through the learning event.


Share the bands of achievement with the stakeholders and explain what they mean. Red band, for example, means that 0% to 35% of Learners have achieved a change in behaviour. Amber band means that 36% to 64% have achieved this, and Green band means that 65% or more have achieved a behavioural change. If you would like a copy of this template please contact us.

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