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If you work in the world of supermarkets, suppliers, groceries, or fmcg, in the UK, you’ll be aware of something called ‘GSCOP’ or heard of ‘GSCOP’ rules, or ‘GSCOP regulations’.  This stands for ‘Groceries Supply Code of Practice’. The GSCOP Code of Practice was implemented by the UK Government to encourage major UK supermarkets to treat suppliers fairly. Like a guidance or set of rules.

‘Did you know?’ Facts

  • By law, Supermarket buyers must be trained.
  • The Code was written to help suppliers in their relationships with the major UK supermarkets.
  • 76% of suppliers do not understand the Code (Source: GCA Annual Survey 2015).
  • A Groceries Code adjudicator was appointed with the power to fine a supermarket up to 1% of sales.
  • Iceland have the worst compliance code record.

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Christine Tacon, the Groceries Code Adjudicator, Tells Us Why Suppliers Need to be Trained

Testimonials to Read the Book

“Whilst I already have a good understanding of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice, this book re-affirmed what I knew, but more importantly brought to the forefront of my mind some of the peripheral parts of the code I’d over looked. It is easy to understand and breaks the topic down into manageable work areas. Moreover, the book provided some of the more junior members of the team, who were less conversant with this subject, a good introduction on how the code can help them in practice.”, by Chris White, Account Director at Karro Food Group.

“A comprehensive treatment of the issue and a must-read book for account managers handling the major supermarket multiples. Written by someone who has actually worked in the industry, Darren’s book gives some practical insights for suppliers on the Code and how it needs to form part of the decision-making process when dealing with the supermarkets.”, by Mark Craft, Editor at EMR-NAMNEWS.

“I believe it is essential that every commercial manager has an awareness and understanding of Groceries Supply Code of Practice. This is the playing field by which our retail customers now operate, you need to understand the rules to be able to compete and grow. Ignorance is no excuse, the market has moved on.”, by Alan Chapman, Acting Managing Director, Walkers Sausage Co.

Book Vs Training Course

There is Groceries Supply Code of Practice training available. At MBM we prefer to save you £500 and a day of training by offering you a book. A strange statement coming from a training provider. It is because we believe in the importance of this legislation and that you can achieve your goals by reading a book, which you can reference back to, rather than a training course, where you are learning a skill. Our recommendation is to buy the book and then combine that knowledge with influencing skills and/or negotiation skills to be most effective. To learn a skill please see our range of products.

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Join the Groceries Supply Code of Practice Aware Association

The GSCOP Aware Association has been formed with one mission – To be the mark for Suppliers to demonstrate that they are Aware. Joining is based on passing an online assessment that we envisage two-thirds will fail.

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Raise awareness for you and 11 others by discussing this topic with the Author at a GSCOP Masterclass. Each attendee gets a free copy of the book.


Seeking Legal Advice

When dealing with legal documents, a potentially complex legal process, and high stakes, we advise that you seek legal counsel. Our partners at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (Gowling WLG from mid-January 2016) can help. Contact David Lowe – Their expert, from a legal perspective, who is very experienced in advising suppliers on the Groceries Supply Code of Practice. David is offering a free 20 minute telephone/email consultation when you mention this book.

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