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The Aim of Our Blog

To help others. We want to help people to be the very best version of themselves. This is why we share a lot of what we know. We do this via our Youtube channel with over 250 x 1-minute self-development videos, our blog of over 200 articles on personal development, and much more.

It Started with Category Management

We were on a mission to build the best Category Tips list in the world. So, we thought, who better to ask than some of the most influential Category Managers in the country? A few months ago we asked them to share their expertise, with the aim of achieving 100 nuggets of advice from industry experts. Our Category skills tips article has grown. It now has contributions from Arla Foods, Molson Coors, Mondelez, Holland & Barratt, and the list continues to grow.

The example below is an extract from Afshin Amirahmadi, MD, Arla Foods UK:

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Afshin Amirahmadi quote develop a hypothesis, test it, and turn it into insights that will drive real shopper behavioural change

Real shopper behavioural change involves a lot of trial and error

As you may have guessed, we are committed to constant self-development and life long learning. We have found pooling expert knowledge to have helped us think about things in new ways. In short, we’ve benefitted hugely from the insight of others. Furthermore, we’ve enjoyed providing a forum to help others develop their Category Management skills and look at things in new ways.

We’ve had such a positive response that we’re looking to extend our expert lists to include other soft skills. So, now we are building more lists of your expert tips. You might be an expert in Communication Skills or Category Management or Coaching Skills. We want to hear from people that have the expertise to share.

Here’s What To Do to Share Your Expertise

If you would like to share your expertise please contact us by:

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