Book Review: ‘Connect Happy’ by John Borland

Connect Happy: Right time; Right book 

It is rare to find a book that encapsulates the right needs for at that present moment.  Blogs usually fill that void.  Connect Happy: The Quest for True Connection in a Misconnected World not only meets the needs now but will continue to do so well into the future.  Far from being that ‘difficult second book’, with Connect Happy, the author, John Borland hits the mark and then some.  In the epilogue, John indicates that the book’s first draft was completed as the pandemic hit.  This is not a book written for or about the pandemic.  Yet contained within the pages is just about every ingredient required to help us through.

Book Cover of Connect Happy by John Borland

A Deeper Connected Self

Moving through the chapters, John Borland provides perspectives and examples from a variety of sources.  Sources from the every day that speak to the masses, and some that are more nuanced.  It is a credit to the author to be able to provide such a wide view yet remain true to his key messages.

Due to this, John manages to provide credible examples and experiences for us to connect with harsh reflections.  One such quote is:

We feel sympathy for the poor yet don’t have enough compassion to do anything for them.

It is small refection points like this that make Connect Happy poignant, insightful and reflective.  One very successful element of this book is the reflective pointers.  Very often you will see a chapter end without summary.  Here, John asks you to consider and reflect what it meant to you.  This is a powerful approach that enacts engagement and thought.  This is a ‘hard work’ book in a positive sense.  Each individual reader will have a reason for picking it up.  As with John Borland’s first book, it is now up to you to embrace the content and connect.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to move away from the timing of this book and how it reflects the need for us to connect to our own happiness.  Regardless of the pandemic, the time was still right.  A higher recognition and understanding of our mental health was always happening.  Connect Happy defines its place within this arena.  Unlike other books in this genre, John Borland provides practical elements that show us hope.  While Connect Happy is a book for now – you get the feeling that there will be longevity.  This is a book you could pick up, again and again, to reconnect with current personal reflections.

Connect Happy deeply speaks to our humanity and a book I highly recommend don’t pass it by.

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