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‘Presenting Undeliverable Category Opportunities’ comes from the Free Guide – The Biggest 8 Mistakes Suppliers Make When Selling to the Big 4 UK Supermarkets And How to Avoid Them All’.

The Mistake 

Buyers often see Account Managers, Category Managers and Sales Directors share a deck of slides that identify category opportunities that are just too woolly. Opportunities which show that one Supermarket’s sub category market share is lower than a competitor’s market share, with the recommendation to increase the sku count. Knowing that the sku count cannot be increased. Or that a competitor promotes more, and that whilst it contravenes corporate guidelines to promote more, the recommendation is to do so.

The Consequences 

A frustrated Buyer, struggling to take in the huge amount of data and effort that has led to the conclusion, now paralysed by a problem with no solution and a lot of thinking required to go get the answer. A supplier frustrated by the lack of delivery by the Buyer chases the Buyer continually and then eventually gives up, residing themselves to the fact that the Buyer is ‘too busy’.

How to Avoid 

Presenting fewer opportunities, better thought through, with recommendations that can be implemented, and are within the Buyer’s gift, will make more of a difference. Better to land 1 opportunity, albeit smaller, and gain trust, than to present 3 opportunities that are less likely to land and cause frustration in the relationship.

You know your Buyer. Before presenting opportunities to the Buyer plot each opportunity on a simple Boston Matrix. Knowing how much the Buyer is motivated by money and how able they are to ‘knock down walls’ internally to get things done – then choose the most appropriate opportunities.

Opportunities Boston Matrix

The above proven, simple, and effective solution is No.2 in the Free Guide that you can download.

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Darren A. Smith

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Darren has been working in the world of UK Supermarkets & Suppliers for over 25 years. He began his career as a buyer at big 4 UK supermarkets and after 13 years he decided to leave to set-up Making Business Matter because he wanted to help suppliers and supermarkets to work better together.

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