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The Background

We devised the 73% funnel to help Category Managers focus and ‘funnel down’ on what is important. The idea is that by following this Category Management process you will develop greater shopper understanding. This, in turn, will help increase the landing rate of opportunities that reach the store. Our self-coaching cards guide will provide you with questions, challenges and thought provocation to help you become an even better Category Manager.

In essence, we believe Category Management is a ‘business as usual’ process. Its purpose is to ‘identify’, ‘sell’ and ‘land’ more opportunities for your categories. The cards and the below will help you.

3 Pitfalls of Self Coaching on Category Management

#1 Pitfall: You may not want to change behaviours, because it feels uncomfortable, new or a bit scary.

This is a common challenge with category management. The reason that you may be reluctant to change behaviours is that you have been doing it your way for a while and this is not a new skill to you.
In the last decade, you may have learnt to present more effectively, and been willing to change your behaviours because A. It is a more recent skill, and B. You want to look good in front of other people. Category management is a set of disciplines, it can be more about mindset and because there is no silver bullet can feel daunting.
The solution is as simple as knowing these 3 things and then as hard as spending a good amount of time enabling you to understand these too:

  • There is no silver bullet.
  • Better to change one small behaviour and develop a habit, than to attempt to change ‘everything’ at the same time.
  • You will be busy. What you can’t say is, ‘Im busy, because that equals you have a job’. What you could do is take small confident steps and try elements out one at a time.

#2 Pitfall: You’ll become overwhelmed

In my Category Management training sessions, I see Learners get overexcited, overwhelmed or over-eager, they want to try it all and so often are at risk of trying nothing.
The solution I give to them is to explore what first practical steps you can take, not to grab it all, but to form a plan for the coming week and months, where they try, test and explore their learnings with small confident steps.

#3 Pitfall: You may not understand some of the tools, language, and concepts

Category Management, wrongly so, has always been wrapped up in unnecessary jargon. We aim to break that down with common sense & plain english, instead of ‘penetration %age inline with market of 5.26%’, why not simply say, ‘we have 5% more people buying’.

Check out our Category Management Definition & Glossary of Terms or drop us a line with your questions if you come across something you can’t wrap your head around.

Additional Resources that will Help You

The Ultimate Guide to Category Management Skills is jam-packed with tips, additional infortmation, techniques, and infographics.
In this Category Management section of the blog, you will find further great Category Management tips that will help you to be a more effective as a Category Manager.

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