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No Flaming Idea How to Prepare for a Negotiation

How to Prepare for a Negotiation What is Negotiation? Negotiating is where two people, or parties, try to resolve a…
Businessman wearing suit and carrying clipboard

Negotiation Consultant: Need One? Can You Afford Not to Have One?

You’re Here Because You are Negotiating, Possible Struggling, and Might Need a Negotiation Consultant? If you are considering a negotiation…
Successful Completion of Negotiations

Negotiation Stages: The Many Versions But Just Keep It Simple For You

When it comes to the Negotiation Stages, there is no one right answer. Only the best answer for you. Many…
Close up hands of business people handshake after success negotiations.

12 Ways to Improve Your Confidence in Negotiation

Negotiation Effectively Requires Confidence in Negotiation. One of People’s Greatest Fears is Negotiating. Having to get a great deal for…
Two young successful businessmen in suits shaking hands after negotiation

Negotiation Concession: Be Careful What You Give Away for Free

Negotiation Concession: The Fisherman Great negotiators don’t give away too much in a negotiation, also known as a ‘negotiation concession’.…
Money makes everyone happy. Day of salary in the modern office with screens with graphs on them

How to Do a Successful Salary Negotiation Where You End Up with More

You’re Here Because You Believe You are Worth a Little More, or a Lot More, and are Considering a Salary…