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Leader vs manager post it notes

What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management?

We debated this very issue recently in a team meeting – What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management? As…
You have done a great job

7 Hacks for How to to Be an Exceptional Leader in an Insane World

The Pandemic, Brexit, War, Inflation, Gas Prices, Climate Change…The Challenges Don’t Stop. An Insane Time and Nevermore Has a Leader…
Growth written on wooden blocks

Growth Mindset: Change Your Mindset & Start Growing

But What if it’s Raining?  After the hottest period of weather, the UK has seen for a LONG while, I…
Concept of business roles and responsibilities, business concept

Leadership Responsibilities: How to Effectively Enact Your Duties

Leadership Responsibilities Leadership responsibilities can include different things for different people. As a leader moves up the hierarchy, their roles…
3 white figures and a red figure pulling blocks

People Focused Leadership: How to Use It & Why It Matters

People Focused Leadership Has Been Gaining Popularity People focused leadership is a style of management that puts employees first. This…
Barman pouring fresh beer in plastic cup at street food festival, close up. Drink in bar or pub

Questioning Our Leaders: Learning Leadership From Behind the Bar

What a Bar Can Teach Us About Leadership Beacon Festival is a local event in Oxfordshire where 5,000 come along…