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Q: I’m new at negotiating. What book can you recommend to get me started?
A: The three of us can go on recommending a lot of books. If we are to choose just one to start, I’d recommend How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It is simple, timeless, and starts with the fundamental soft skills to help build your influence on others to help with negotiation.

Q: What is the best way to prepare for a negotiation?
A: Great question and often overlooked. Our best suggestion is to use the template in the is this link:

Q: What do I do if the person I am negotiating with won’t answer their phone, email, or text?
A: This is a little like trying to get your child who’s hiding under a bed, to come out. The key is not to force them with challenges but to offer a treat. What treat/new information/give-away can you offer?

Q: How can I prepare for a negotiation?
A: Use the 3-step square-dance template to help you prepare for a negotiation.

Q: I need to improve my self-confidence, what do I do?
A: Word-on-head is an excellent tool for helping you to improve your self-confidence.

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