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Our Soft Skills Training is for Everyone.

Other Clients are Welcome too

Firstly, thank you for taking the time from your day to check us out. Secondly, to answer a question we get a lot – Yes. We also work with clients that are not manufacturers ore retailers. Everyone is welcome. In the past, we have worked with The NHS and McDonald’s, to name but two high profile clients.

Our research concluded that people wanted a training provider that they understood. One they could ‘pigeon-hole’. We are simple in that regard – From the world of manufacturers and retailers, with a determination to achieve real behavioural change for soft skills. In our words, we make soft skills stick.

Then people were happy that they knew we were from a tough and well-respected industry. Margins are tough in the world of manufacturing and retailing. The pace is fast. And if you are not making a difference, you will not survive. They then chose us for their industry. Be it Banking, Engineering, Healthcare, or any other. Our soft skills training is transferable. Whilst we won’t know your jargon as we do in a manufacturer or a retailer, the principles of time management are the same wherever you go!

The main reasons HR Managers and L&D Managers choose us is because:

The challenges from learning professionals

Through extensive qualitative and quantitative research of the Learning and Development market, our competitors and most importantly the problems manufacturers and retailers faced, they told us that:

  • Attendees did very little with their training after the training course.
  • Line Managers didn’t really get involved in their team’s learning.
  • There was not much evaluation of the training to know whether it worked or not.

The solutions for learning professionals

A training method and evaluation that you want because it solves your problems:

  • Over 80% of our Learners are still using their skill 5 months later – money-back guarantee.
  • Line manager engagement improved from ‘low’ to ‘medium’.
  • A 5 level Evaluation conducted, summarised and detailed in a Chain of Evidence report.

Real Behavioural Change through Sticky Learning ®

People come back from training courses and make no changes. Consequently,  it becomes a waste of time, a waste of money. A waste.

With us, they will make changes in their behaviours because of our unique training method we call Sticky Learning ®. We built it using 14 learning sciences and we are still non-stop pushing the boundaries of stickiness.

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