COVID-19 Training Delivery Protocols

Keeping You and Us Safe

COVID-19 Training Delivery Protocols

To give you, our clients confidence that you can safely and effectively return to training with us. We will be introducing the following COVID-19 updated measures and protocols. These are specifically designed to protect your Learners and our trainers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Eleven Measures Adopted with Learners

MBM has adopted the following eleven measures to protect us all when we are supporting your Learners:

  1. Learners and trainers all to remain 2-metres apart at all times.
  2. No hard copy materials provided, all sent electronically post-training.
  3. No physical items i.e. popcorn, toys, materials, pens, or paperwork.
  4. Facemasks provided for both Learners and tutors, should they be requested.
  5. MBM trainers can be tested and confirmed they are COVID-19 clear ahead of delivery.
  6. MBM trainers will provide their own transport, currently, the use of public transport including trains is forbidden.
  7. No welcome ‘handshakes’, instead MBM adopts the Sticky Learning ® wave.
  8. Hand sanitiser carried by MBM tutors and available to everyone.
  9. MBM trainers will provide their own food and drinks, meaning no requirement to enter canteens or receive any food or drinks.
  10. Wipe boards, door handles, IT equipment etc. will be sanitised on arrival and departure.
  11. MBM trainers will encourage Learners to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water prior to entry and exit to the training space.

Five Measures Adopted On-Site

MBM has adopted the following five measures to protect us all whilst we are on-site:

  1. Training room set up – everyone 2-metres apart.
  2. The size of the room must enable all the Learners to be 2-metres apart at all times.
  3. We will brief all learners prior to the session to emphasise that 2-metre social distancing will be in force.
  4. Adequate places must be available to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  5. One way systems or the equivalent in place to manage social distancing protocols around the site.

Failure to meet the above minimum site requirements may mean the trainer will cancel the course and client liable for costs.

Further Reading and Resources:

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COVID-19 Training Delivery Protocols

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