Month: September 2016

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How to Make Accelerated Learning Work for You

In the absence of any form of accelerated learning, it will take a member of your team 10,000 hours to…
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What Does an Effective Category Manager Job Description Looks Like?

A Category Manager ultimately aims to meet the needs of their shoppers. This is the key part of a Category…
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14 Time Management Templates to Help You Get Organised

These 14 Time Management Templates Will Help You to Get More Organised Time management is fast becoming a skill that…
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Brainstorming Techniques for Category, Account, & NPD Managers

Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions Wikipedia states that ‘brainstorming’ is a ‘group creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion…
Creative Thinking Webpage Graphic Design Template

A Simple Succession Planning Template for HR Managers

Tick the ‘Succession Planning’ Box by and Complete this Simple Succession Planning Template. Most companies do not have a succession…